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Steve Miner, Director of 'House' is more than qualified when it comes to the genre of Horror films. Having served as Director on 'Friday 13th part II' and 'Friday 13th part III'. Born and raised in Westport, Conneticut, Miner's interest in film began as a young boy,when his mother, a film librarian, would bring films home for the family's evening entertainment. Steve Miner & Friend

Though no-one had any idea at the time, the passion of filmaking was beginning to develop.

Miner began his career in the motion picture industry as a production assistant on an industrial film about brake linings. His next job was laying in the sound effects for "Wide World of Sports Car Racing Events" shows. He then went on to make educational films for the Time-Life Corporation.

It was while working on these films that a theatrical film crew moved into Westport to make 'Last House on the Left'. Miner wasted no time in convincing the Producers and Director to hire him as a production assistant. Due to his hunger to learn moviemaking and his eagerness to participate in all aspects of the film, Miner volunteered for every job possible. His responsibilities were quickly broadened and his knowledge rapidly grew.

After the film was completed and in release, Stephen wanted to further enhance his editing skills. He hired himself out as an editor on New York art films, which led to a job editing film for the National Hockey League. By this time he had honed quite a talent for the cutting room.

Miner next formed his own production company, making industrial films. This was not enough to harness his creative energy and feeling the need to grow and use his talent to the fullest, he moved to the movie capital of the world, Los Angeles. It was shortly after he arrived that he co-produced and edited a film called 'Here Come the Tigers'. This project paved the way for 'Friday 13th part II' which he produced and directed. Following Part II's enormous box office figures, Miner went on to produce and direct its 3-D Sequel 'Friday 13th part III' and of course, direct the wonderful 'House' from Ethan Wiley's screenplay.

Miner lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.  


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Last House on the Left (1972) (assistant)

aka Grim Company (1972) (USA: 16mm release title)

aka Krug and Company (1972)

aka Night of Vengeance (1972)

aka Sex Crime of the Century (1972)



Here Come the Tigers (1978)



Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D (1982) .... Newscaster

... aka Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982) (USA: video title)



Last House on the Left (1972) (assistant editor) (production assistant) (title designer)

aka Grim Company (1972) (USA: 16mm release title)

aka Krug and Company (1972)

aka Night of Vengeance (1972)

aka Sex Crime of the Century (1972)


Director Steve Miner left his mark with me in the unique sense of forboding that he is able to bring to the House within the opening frames of the film. Whilst his uncanny judgement of what should remain unseen is always on form, he is also able to maintain both comedy and genuine drama within a fantastical concept. Miner's direction leads us through the narrative with astonishing visuals and a real sense of the living, breathing architecture of the House.


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