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At 6'8' and 240lbs, Richard Moll's imposing stature made him a natural for the role of Big Ben, the vengeful apparition hellbent on destroying Roger Cobb. Moll was a studious child, a loner who entertained himself by drawing cartoons. Big Ben

Much to the chagrin of the school athletic coaches, Moll always prefered academics to sports. Though he enjoyed playing the part of the class clown,Moll was an excellent student and went on to earn a Degree in History from the University of California at Berkeley.

Following a brief career as a probation officer and retail store buyer in San Francisco, Moll began studying acting at the age of 23. It was to become his passion.

In 1968, he moved to Hollywood and continued to hone his acting skills, suporting himself with odd jobs and an occasional stint at Harrah's Lake Tahoe as a slot machine key man. In 1970 he auditioned for and won an acting grant at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre and performed in Shakespeare's 'Cymbeline,' 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Richard III.'

Returning to Los Angeles, Moll showcased his talent at numerous local theatres. In 1975 he joined Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon and continued to perform Shakespeare over the next five years.

Big BenDuring that time, he also toured with the American Living History Theatre, portraying Abraham Lincoln in productions at schools in the Los Angeles area.

In 1978, he landed a role on ABC-TV's live action children's show 'Bigfoot and Wildboy.' Over the next five years Moll worked steadily in episodic television and feature films, appearing in 'The Rockford Files,' 'How the West was Won,' 'Fantasy Island,' Happy Days,' Laverne & Shirley,'Nine to Five,' Remington Steele,' 'Alice,' 'The Fall Guy,' and had a recurring role in 'The Dukes of Hazard,' among others. Moll then starred in the NBC-TV comedy series 'Night Court,' in which he portrayed the gentle bailiff Bull Shannon, a role which has brought him widespread recognition.

Moll's feature film credits include 'Evilspeak,' 'Caveman,' 'Hard Country,' 'Liar's Moon,' 'The Sword and the Sorcerer,' 'Ragewar,' 'The Dungeon Master,' and 'Metalstorm,' in which he portrayed the leader of the Cyclopeans, a race of one-eyed mutants.

"Because of my size, i'm often cast as the heavy," Moll states. "But,im not knocking the bad-guy roles. I delight in the characterization, and the villains are the juiciest characters around. But, im not like that in real life.....honest."

Moll resides in Los Angeles and in his spare time collects antiques, lifts weight and jogs. He currently drives a '63 Cadillac Coupe de Ville once owned by Samuel Goldwyn's wife Frances.



"100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" (1999) TV Series .... Drifter

But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) .... Larry

aka Make Me Over (1999) (USA)

Foreign Correspondents (1999) .... Man in Bookstore

That Summer in LA (1999) .... Hotel Manager

Casper Meets Wendy (1998) (TV)

Ransom of Red Chief, The (1998) (TV) .... Filthy McNasty

Big Monster on Campus (1998)

aka Teen Monster (1998)

Dish Dogs (1998)

Flamingo Dreams (1998) .... Deke

Monkey Business (1998)

Survivor, The (1998) .... Kyla

Casper: A Spirited Beginning (1997) (V) .... Principal Rabie

Living in Peril (1997) .... Fritz

aka Peril of Being Walter Woods, The (1997)

Fallout (1997) (VG) (voice) .... Cabbot

Little Cobras: Operation Dalmatian (1997)

aka Dalmatian Fever (1997) (Europe: English title)

Me and the Gods (1997) .... Hades

Jingle All the Way (1996) .... Dementor

"Chercheurs d'or" (1996) (mini) TV Series

Secret Agent Club, The (1996) .... Wrecks

Elevator, The (1996)

Glass Cage, The (1996)

Adventures of Smoke Bellew (1995)

Galaxis (1995) .... Kyla

aka Galactic Force (1995)

aka Star Crystal (1995)

aka Terminal Force (1995)

Storybook (1995) .... Woody

Summertime Switch (1994) (TV) .... Jimmy

Beanstalk (1994) .... Richard Leach

Flintstones, The (1994) .... Hoagie

No Dessert Dad, Til You Mow the Lawn (1994)

Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) .... Prison Attendant

aka National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)

Sidekicks (1992) .... Horn

"Batman: The Animated Series" (1992) TV Series (voice) .... D.A. Harvey Dent/Two Face, Batcave Computer

aka "Adventures of Batman & Robin, The" (1994) (USA: new title)

"Mighty Max" (1991) TV Series (voice) .... Norman

Think Big (1990) .... Thornton

Class Cruise (1989) (TV) .... Saunders

Dream Date (1989) (TV) .... The Man in the Theatre

Murphy's Laws of Golf (1989)

Wicked Stepmother (1989)

If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium (1987) (TV)

Survivor (1987) .... Kragg

Combat High (1986) (TV) .... Colonel Felix Long, Sr.

aka Combat Academy (1986) (TV)

House (1986) .... Big Ben

Dungeonmaster, The (1985) .... Mestema

aka Ragewar (1985)

"Night Court" (1984) TV Series .... Bailiff Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983) .... Hurak

Sword and the Sorcerer, The (1982) .... Xusia

Through the Magic Pyramid (1981) (TV)

aka Tut and Tuttle (1981) (TV)

Bret Maverick (1981) (TV) .... Sloate

aka Bret Maverick: The Lazy Ace (1981) (TV)

Evilspeak (1981) .... Father Esteban

Caveman (1981) .... Abominable Snowman

Archer: Fugitive from the Empire, The (1981) (TV) .... Bovum Ferryman

aka Archer and the Sorceress, The (1981) (TV)

aka Fugitive from the Empire (1981) (TV)

American Pop (1981) .... Poet

Hard Country (1981) .... Top Gun

Liar's Moon (1981) .... Det. Roy Logan

Cataclysm (1980)

aka Nightmare Never Ends, The (1980)

aka Satan's Supper (1980)

Jericho Mile, The (1979) (TV) .... Jocker Gibb

Notable TV guest appearances

"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996) playing "Sgt. Slater" in episode: "Sabrina Gets Her License (2)" (episode # 2.2) 9/26/1997

"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996) playing "Sgt. Slater" in episode: "Sabrina Gets Her License (1)" (episode # 2.1) 9/26/1997

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993) in episode: "Colleen's Paper" (episode # 5.17) 2/8/1997

"Batman: Gotham Knights" (1997) playing "Harvey Dent/Two-Face"(voice) in episode: "Sins Of The Father"

"Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" (1994) playing "Big Bunny"(voice) in episode: "I'll Get You!" (episode # 3.12) 11/29/1996

"Incredible Hulk, The" (1996) playing "Abomination/Homeless Man"(voice) in episode: "Mortal Bounds" 11/17/1996

"Married... with Children" (1987) playing "Gino" in episode: "Hood, the Bud & the Kelly, The: Part 2" (episode # 10.16) 1/14/1996

"Married... with Children" (1987) playing "Gino" in episode: "Hood, The Bud & the Kelly, The: Part 1" (episode # 10.15) 1/7/1996

"Weird Science" (1994) playing "Frankenstein's Creature" in episode: "Searching For Boris Karloff" 1/6/1996

"Martin" (1992) playing "Officer Warren" 1996

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993) in episode: "For Better or Worse" (episode # 3.28-3.29) 5/20/1995

"Babylon 5" (1994) playing "Max" in episode: "Hunter, Prey" (episode # 2.13) 3/1/1995

"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1995) playing "The Cyclops" in episode: "Eye of the Beholder" (episode # 1.2) 1/23/1995

"Spider-Man" (1995) playing "Scorpion/Mac Gargon"

"Holmes" (1989) playing "Himself" 1995

"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (1993) in episode: "Halloween II" (episode # 3.6) 10/29/1994

"Due South" (1994) in episode: "They Eat Horses, Don't They?" (episode # 1.4) 10/13/1994

"Highlander" (1992) playing "Slan Quince" in episode: "Gathering, The" (episode # 1.1) 9/28/1992

"Monsters" (1988) in episode: "Demons, The" 1989

"Baywatch" (1989)

"Sledge Hammer!" (1986) playing "Dr. Arthur Deco" in episode: "Hammeroid" (episode # 2.10) 11/26/1987

"Out of This World" (1987) playing "Driver License Examiner" in episode: "Evie's Drivers License"

"A-Team, The" (1983) playing "Churlisco" in episode: "Bend in the River, The: Part 2" (episode # 3.3) 9/25/1984

"A-Team, The" (1983) playing "Churlisco" in episode: "Bend in the River, The: Part 1" (episode # 3.2) 9/25/1984

"Dukes of Hazzard, The" (1979) playing "Milo Beaudry" in episode: "Boss Behind Bars" (episode # 6.6) 11/4/1983

"Dukes of Hazzard, The" (1979) playing "Milo Beaudry" in episode: "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding" (episode # 5.22) 3/25/1983

"Remington Steele" (1982) in episode: "Steele in the News" (episode # 1.18) 3/4/1983

"Alice" (1976) playing "Hank" in episode: "Sweet Erasable Mel" (episode # 7.15) 1982

"Fall Guy, The" (1981) playing "Ethan" in episode: "Human Torch, The" (episode # 1.11) 12/9/1981

"Mork & Mindy" (1978) playing "Baba Gentle" in episode: "Alienation" (episode # 4.9) 12/3/1981

"Bret Maverick" (1981) playing "Sloate" in episode: "Lazy Ace, The: Part 2" (episode # 1.2) 12/1/1981

"Bret Maverick" (1981) playing "Sloate" in episode: "Lazy Ace, The: Part 1" (episode # 1.1) 12/1/1981

"Best of the West" (1981) in episode: "Prisoner, The" (episode # 1.2) 9/17/1981

"Laverne & Shirley" (1976) playing "Louis Armstrong, bankrobber" in episode: "Defiant One" (episode # 7.4) 1981

"Laverne & Shirley" (1976) playing "biker" in episode: "Malibu Mansion" (episode # 6.12) 1981

"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" (1979) playing "Henchman" in episode: "Space Rockers" 2/21/1980

"Happy Days" (1974) playing "Eugene" in episode: "Fonzie's Funeral: Part 2" (episode # 6.23) 2/27/1979

"Happy Days" (1974) playing "Eugene" in episode: "Fonzie's Funeral: Part 1" (episode # 6.22) 2/20/1979

"Facts of Life, The" (1979)

"Welcome Back, Kotter" (1975) playing "Big Thug" in episode: "Beau's Jest" 1978

"Love Boat, The" (1977)


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